Protected: “I don’t know how she does it”

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달이 슬프게 지는 밤에는..

아주 오래전에.. 지금은 희미하게 남은 기억속에.. 늦은 저녁, 아빠와 나는 마당에 나와 하늘을 올려다 본 적이 있다. 그때 보았던 수많은 별들 아래에서 너무나 어린 나이였던 나였지만 왠지 모를 허망함과 쓸쓸함이 가슴 깊숙이에서 밀려오더라.… Continue reading

QnA Session

I am Catholic. Maybe not the best practicing Catholic but I have been one ever since I was born. So far, have not encountered much problem with being one. When our delegation trip… Continue reading

Scents of the women

You know, I’ve always been fairly good with “smells”. I guess I just had slightly more perceptive olfactory senses than others. When I was about nine, I was on my way to my… Continue reading

투산의 태양보다 더 찬란하게

투산의 태양보다 더 찬란하게 빛나고 싶다. 2년이나 걸렸는데… 

What its like being an intern at Iskashitaa

Motivated by, I have decided to create: I only have four instead of the five that Arizona Highways wrote but still it was a good time to look back and think about… Continue reading

Bless thy flesh and blood that feed us

Bless us O Lord, and these gifts, which we are about to receive from your bounty. Through Christ our Lord, Amen. Ever since I came to Tucson, I have gone through many “changes”.… Continue reading

채식주의는 가난한 사람의 식사?

나는 어느 면에서 보면 집안에서 권위가 있다. 특히 grocery shopping을 할때. 항상 동생들이 내게 묻는다. 언니, 이거 사자. 누나, 이거 사면 안돼? 그나마 건강하게 먹는 편인 나도 가끔은 맛있는 과자나 고기나 튀김에 흔들릴때가… Continue reading

Home, sweet home (Security: What am I missing part II)

Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to the question I posed on my post yesterday. But I did learn something strikingly interesting today during a State Refugee General Meeting that I attended.… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast: the Queen of the Night

One, two, three, four.. ten.. twenty-seven… one hundred… two hundred forty-seven…. three hundred… On the three hundred sixty-fifth day. you can finally come out of your shell. But you don’t get the whole… Continue reading